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This guide helps a User understand the facility overview box. The Facility Overview Box is always located on the right side of the screen from the Enterprise level.


Facility Overview Box: the link to get to a facility level that provides information regarding work orders in a particular facility


When a User first logs into Hippo, they arrive at the Enterprise level (either the Advanced or Standard Dashboard). To the very right of the screen, a User sees the Facility Overview Box.

A grey Facility Overview Box is grey means there is a Sub-Enterprise, or facilities that have been grouped together.

An orange Facility Overview Box means there are critical or overdue work orders within one facility

A Blue Facility Overview Box means there are work orders within the facility.

The box includes the following info:

  • the name of the facility and a total of both Demand and PM work orders

  • how many Preventative Maintenance/Scheduled Work Orders are open

  • how many Demand work orders are open

  • how many work order requests have been submitted for that facility

  • how many work orders are overdue (past the due date to complete)

  • how many work orders are labeled Critical

The User can click on the Facility Overview Box to get to that facility level and access the work orders.

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