On the Global Settings grid, a System Admin user can determine what type of files users will be allowed to upload in the Hippo system. This manual will instruct users how to add or edit files on this grid such that they apply to the whole system.


File Format: the type of file that stores your data or information

Note: The default files allowed in Hippo are the following types:



1. On the Global Settings grid, in the “Setting” column, look for “file formats allowed” and click in the “Value” field next to it.

2. To add a new file, type in the new file extension to allow. Note: A user must separate each file extension by using the | character.

3. Hit the Save button found in the top right corner.

Note: If a user wishes to remove a file type, then click in the” Value” next to “file format allowed” and delete the file name. Make sure to click the “Save” button in the top right corner after any changes.

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