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How to Edit the Schedule Date to a PM
How to Edit the Schedule Date to a PM

Would you like to change the date your PMs automatically generate? This guide shows you how to edit your PM work orders.

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From the Scheduled Work Order grid, Facility Admin, view the Schedule column. This Schedule date determines when the Scheduled Work Order, also known as PM, will automatically generate.

1. Click in the Schedule field to open the “Calendar Based Schedules” window. 

2. Next, click the Edit icon. You could also click on the Add icon to have more than one schedule date for this PM.

3. The “Edit Schedule” window appears with the current schedule date to this PM. Modify as needed. Select a One Time, Daily, Weekly, Seasonally, or Monthly or some may have an Hourly calendar schedule.

For example, click on Monthly. A User can select a specific day of the month for the PM to generate. Then, select the months the PM will generate. When scheduling an annual PM, select only one month.

Note: Do not include an "End Date" if you want your PMs to generate continually. Adding an end date puts a stop to the tickets from generating on your customized calendar date. 

Note: optional to create a reminder email notification is desired by completing the “Send PM reminder notification email” field. Put a check in the box, then type in the value of how many Days or Hours to be reminded about before the next scheduled date of the PM.  Any User that is receiving an email notification for PMs will additionally receive the reminder email. 

4. After all modifications have been completed click on “Validate” at the bottom of the window. It shows a summary of the new schedule date for this PM. 

5. Click OK. The Calendar Based Schedules window appears again.

You can view any scheduled date to this PM or delete old ones if needed.

6. Click on “OK” to return to the Scheduled Work Orders grid. Make sure you click on the Save icon located in the top right corner to keep any changes. A User can click on the Close icon X, to exit without saving changes.

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