This feature is automatically added to your system on the Global Settings grid, but a User needs permission to edit Completed work orders. Take a look at the steps to learn how.


  1. Click on the User panel, Enterprise Admin.

  2. Click on the key icon next to a User's name to open up their permission form.

  3. Click on the Facility Admin page.

  4. Give the User permission to Edit Completed Work Orders.

  5. Hit the Save button at the bottom of the permission form.

If the User has the Edit Completed Work Orders permission, they can open any Completed Work Order form and see an Edit button at the bottom of the form. This is for both Demands and PMs.

6. When you click on Edit it opens most of the greyed-out field on the closed work order. You can now click in those open fields to edit the work order such as modify Resource hours or add parts information.

7. Hit Save at the bottom of the form after any editing.

Editing work orders saves time.

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