Released on April 20/2021

Issues fixed in 6.3.75

  • A User with the edit and delete Resource permission was not able to remove a Resource entry on a work order. This has been fixed. As expected, a User that has the correct permissions can remove a Resource entry from a work order.

  • The same bug was preventing a User from removing Line Items from an Invoice on a Work Order. This has now been fixed. You can now delete a Line Item to an invoice on a work order.

  • Users were able to add duplicates of the same part to a Work Order. A fix has been made which will prevent a User from selecting the same Part on any work order.

  • PMs were unexpectedly duplicating if using the Generate Now feature. This has been fixed. When using Generate Now it means you are generating one particular PM instantly, rather than waiting for the next scheduled date. Moving forward, the PM will continue to generate as regularly scheduled.

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