Released on June 1/2021

What's new in 6.3.80

  • After five failed login attempts, a User is locked out for a 15 min. period. To increase security, when a user attempts to log in again while being locked out and fails, the lockout time period resets to 15 minutes.

Issues fixed in 6.3.80

  • The downtime period is mandatory when a piece of equipment is reported up. The submit button is now disabled until the user adds the downtime or selects 'Use This' to fill automatically.

  • On the Hippo mobile browser version, the Estimated Effort on a Work Order was displaying in minutes. It has not been corrected to display in hours.

  • On the Mobile App, a User could not search a Part using Part Number or Work Category.

  • On the Mobile App, Users were able to edit other Users' task comments. Only the creator of the task comment should have the ability to edit the comment.

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