Released on June 22/2021

Issues fixed in 6.3.83

  • On both the Work Order Search screen and the Standard Dashboard screen, when a User ran a search with no results, an empty row would appear. When the User clicked on the empty row, a Work Order Error message would pop up. The User could not close the message or exit the screen. This has now been fixed.

  • On the Mobile Website, the downtime period is mandatory when a piece of equipment is reported up. The Submit button is now disabled until the User manually adds the downtime period, or selects "Use This" to fill the downtime period automatically.

  • On the Mobile Website, Users were unable to select a Start Date for Resource hours. We fixed this.

  • The "Cancel" button when adding a comment to a Task was disabled. This has been fixed. This button will now cancel the comment and collapse the comment field to that Task.

  • Users were unable to delete multiple files from a Task on a Work Order.

  • System Admins were unable to delete Overtime Rates from the Categories and Types Grid. Fixed.

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