Released on July 13/2021

Issues fixed in 6.3.86

  • When printing Purchase Orders, the print page was rounding the tax percentage to the nearest whole number. This has been fixed so the accurate value displays.

  • When editing a completed Work Order where the asset (equipment/vehicle/location) had been deleted, Hippo was displaying a success message, but the changes were not saved. All edited info now applies.

  • Users can no longer generate the same 'One Time' PM as many times as they want on the same date. PMs can only generate once a day

  • When using the Work Order link from an email notification or shared by a User, the link was redirecting to the Enterprise level instead of the Work Order modal. Clicking on the link, a User will now automatically be taken to the Work Order form.

  • Line items on Invoices that had been deleted from open Work Orders were still displaying on Completed Work Orders. This fix also addresses the issue of the deleted line items displaying on the printed Work Order and Reports.

  • If the Requested By field on the Work Order modal is a mandatory permission, it now appears in red as expected.

  • Admin Users were unable to remove a Requesters email address on the Requester Grid. This has been fixed.

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