Released on Aug 10/2021

What's new in 6.3.89

  • A Resource filter has been added to the Work Order Search section on the Hippo App!

Issues fixed in 6.3.89

  • Older Android users were having an issue using the barcode feature on the App. The barcode association modal would freeze and the user could not select Yes or No.

  • Estimated Cost entered into a Schedule Work Order would not display on the generated PM Work Order.

  • The Priority was not displaying on a Work Order. The Priority defaults to medium and now the Priority field displays medium unless another priority is selected.

  • The App was allowing a user to create an Asset without a name. Name is a mandatory field and is required to create a new Asset.

  • Due Date was increasing by one day every time the 'Search' field was clicked on the Work Order Search Grid. This has been fixed and only the dates entered will be searched.

  • A printed Work Order was displaying the wrong time in the Due Date section. A Work Order is due at the end of the day of its due date. The printed Work Order should display the due date + "23:59"

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