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Hippo CMMS Release Notes 2022
Hippo CMMS Release Notes 2022

View a complete list of new features and bug fixes throughout the year.

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Released April 27th, 2022

  • A few bugs were squished to keep things running well.

Released April 13, 2022

Issue Fixed

When a Requester logs in, the "Requested By " and "Email Address" fields once again auto-populate on the "Work Order Request" form.

Released March 30, 2022

  • A few bugs were squished to keep things running smoothly.

Released March 16, 2022

Issues Fixed

  • Desktop - Standard Dashboard "Priority" filter would not display "Critical" work orders. This has been fixed. You can now filter a search by "Critical" tickets.

  • Desktop - We increased the maximum character allowance in the "Contact Information" field on a work order form.

  • Desktop - "Hourly" PMs were creating duplicates. This has been resolved and is creating one work order as expected.

  • Mobile App - You can now add a new piece of equipment via the mobile app. The "Save" button wasn't keeping new data, but this has been fixed.

  • Mobile App - Some devices still would not display the whole parts page when entering Quantity Used amount and confirming. This has been resolved.

  • Mobile App - iOS devices still could not see the "See All" option when viewing work orders. This now should appear for all mobile devices in the App.

  • Mobile App - Unplotted facilities were displayed in the App. This has been fixed. Any unplotted Facilities on the desktop will not display in the app as they are not active.

Released February 16th, 2022

Issues Fixed

  • Desktop - When scheduling a Seasonal PM weekly, only every other week would display on the Calendar Dashboard. This now displays accurately.

  • Desktop - Rejected Demand Work orders with a due date were displaying incorrectly in the Days Late field on Reports. This has been resolved.

  • Desktop - Some clients were getting a Hippo Hiccup error when completing or editing a Completed work order. This has been fixed.

  • Desktop - Some Current Reports were displaying plus one-day results. This has been fixed.

Released February 2nd, 2022

  • Some backend issues were worked on.

Released January 12th, 2022

Issues Fixed 6.3.93

  • Desktop - When creating a new Scheduled Work Order Template, and specifically selecting the month of February with the "Seasonal" schedule, all other months were selected. You can now select February alone when using the Seasonal schedule.

  • Desktop - On the Calendar dashboard, when hovering over the work order name, the due date was incorrect and increased by one (1) day. The due date is now displayed accurately.

  • Desktop - The Contact Information field on the work order form would not allow special characters. This is now behaving as expected and you can enter special characters into the field.

  • Emails - Certain email domains were not receiving email notifications. We have updated the validation to accept all valid email domains or addresses.

  • Mobile App - Users could not add a new piece of equipment from the mobile app. This is fixed. You can add a new piece of equipment from your mobile device and data is saved in the desktop version.

  • Mobile App - a full screen would not display with certain devices when a User tried to enter parts information in the quantity used field. All devices now see the whole screen when adding to the parts quantity used field in the app.

  • Mobile App - The "See All" button would not display for some iOS devices on both the Work Order and Assets pages. The button is now visible for all devices and operating systems.

  • Mobile App - Missing facility due to screen sizing issue. All Facilities are now visible from the Facility screen in the app.

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